How can I request for my own designs?

You can email us regarding the designs you want or you can make a schedule with our designers and meet with them to discuss. We have many designers in Alegre Design so you can meet anyone who can fulfill and make your requested concepts for your designs.

Can I visit in your company anytime without asking for a meeting schedule?

Yes, you can but it is still better to make a scheduled meeting rather than just walking in. This way, you are sure to be attended to immediately and will remove the inconvenience of waiting for a long time.

Can I just simply buy from you items here in your website?

Yes, you can buy instantly here in our website. Just go to our store section and find the items you are looking for. You can find details and information about the items available here.

What are your best-seller items?

Our best-seller items were always our sofas and couches. People find those products comfortable to use and simple. We also receive a great amount of good reviews about our Weon eyeglasses and other items like bicycle stands. You can check them out in our store and see them for yourself.

Are the deliveries of the furniture fast and convenient? I’m worried it may take a long time since I live a bit far.

Yes, we are very aware of our clients’ locations and we will make sure to deliver the items as fast as we could. Though it can’t be helped to have some problems occasionally, we still provide a great service in terms of our works and the sending of these products. We assure you that it won’t take too much time delivering the items you will buy.

Thank you for visiting our website and we hope you found the industrial items you are looking for through our company. We hope we give nothing but pure satisfaction and we fulfilled our mission of giving you great designs and services.