Welcome to Alegre Industrial Studio

Welcome to Alegre Industrial Studio, the website for Alegre Design, an industrial design agency.

Are you looking for brand new furniture and technology inspired items? Do you want to change and replace your old couches or sofas with new ones? You don’t even need to stack up your bicycles inside your glass garage doors in Tampa because we offer bicycle stands! Alegre Design is here to provide you the best and great quality furniture and more creations. All you have to do is visit our website, look for any items you are interested in and just buy. You won’t have to visit far places and stores just to find the products you are looking for. Here, everything is settled and ready to be delivered in one go.

Alegre Design has always created beautiful and unique industrial products. First on our best sellers are our sofas and couches which are designed for a comfortable and better use in households. We also have our inspired arm chairs from the use of technology which gives you a better and easy way of using your technologies with this kind of chair. Our executive chairs are also great to use and are high quality, efficient and comfortable. We use various materials that give simple yet versatile designs.

One of the items people often buy from us is the bicycle stand we created that are quite efficient and easy to use. You can put this in your garage or front yard which will make it easier for you to park your bicycles anytime. People also find our Weon glasses unique and useful since it has optical lenses which includes a fitted electronic device.

With our furniture offerings, you can request for your own designs if you want to. Our designers are open to work on any of design you want to have so you can just simply give us a message regarding the furniture you will buy, how you want it to look like and provide other necessary details. But if you simply want to buy and choose from the designs we already have, look at our store section or you can visit us in our store personally if you want a better look at the items. Though we made this website for a more convenient way of buying items, it’s still fine and a good thing to look at the products that we sell personally.

To see more reviews, you can check it out on our website and see other people’s opinions about us. You can also add whatever you want to say in those reviews if ever you want. If you have any requests and other questions for us, you can give us a message anytime through our emails that are given in our contact section. We are hoping to see you here more often and consider trying out our items. Visit us in our store as well and make an appointment with our designers for your customized designs. Thank you and we hope to see you again.