About Us

About US

The founder of Alegre Design has always been fond of architecture, interior designs and even furniture designs. She studied architecture and interior designing because it’s her passion and it has always been the stuff that she wanted to get involved in. Growing up, she loved to draw and create her own masterpieces, designs and everything. That’s why she used this talent and hobby to find her own job and profession. With her supportive parents and friends, she found what she was looking for and eventually created her own business. Alegre Design became an industrial design company by then. She found people who worked for her and also have great skills in this field.

This company started as a small one, she only used this website to advertise her creations and her employees’ works as well. Though many people haven’t been introduced to her company and designs, she didn’t lose hope to keep her business going. She received help from many people especially when her clients and customers recommended her company to others. It became a success eventually and many people now recognize Alegre Design. Now, they continue to keep working hard to earn more success and recognition. This company also became larger and the business leveled up into something new. Other than furniture etc., they now create other industrial products and items as well and it makes them more famous as a company.

They are now widely known for their great works and service to other people. The purpose of their company remained the same, to give other people the satisfaction through producing and selling industrial items but not leaving behind the comfort, essence and simplicity they give. Alegre Design is now hoping for more success in the future and we hope more people find our services very much fulfilling.

Thank you for visiting our website and we hope you found the industrial items you are looking for through our company. We hope we give nothing but pure satisfaction and we fulfilled our mission of giving you great designs and services.